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Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition


Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition

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The official putting mat of Dustin Johnson

Our Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with The Perfect Putting Mat for any reason, you can return it for a 100% refund within 60 days. No questions asked, and we’ll pay your return shipping. For a refund, contact us at info@perfectpractice.golf.


“If you want to make more putts, you have to practice more or you have to practice better. The Perfect Putting Mat helps you do both.”

— Sir Nick Faldo, 6-Time Major Champion


Most putting mats are terrible. They’re bumpy and wrinkly and ugly… nothing like putting on a real putting green. 

We thought we could do better, so we worked with tour players and top golf coaches to create a putting mat that rolls pure, looks great, and has features that will immediately lower your scores.

It’s true that our Perfect Putting Mats costs a little more than the rest. But they’re going to save you a lot of headaches on the green. And we all know what that’s worth.

Perfect Practice Mats

I use the perfect putting mat before and after every round to keep my stroke where it needs to be to win on tour.

-Dustin Johnson, World #1

Key Features

Two hole sizes

You'll never get bored with our two hole sizes: regulation and reduced.

Auto Ball Return

Life is busy. Our Integrated Auto Ball return helps speed things up. It sends your putts back to you quickly -- make or miss-- so you can putt again.

train track alignment

If you've ever used a putting string on the green, you know how much it helps. We brought the same concept to our putting mats with Train Track Alignment that helps you improve your stroke and your alignment.

crystal velvet trueroll technology

On our mats, there is no skipping or skidding with our Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology. They roll at 10-14 on the stimpmeter speed depending on the underlying surface (hard floors are faster than carpet).

More than 2,000 5-star reviews

Slick Practice

I have been playing for over 40 years and this is the single best putting practice trainer I have ever used. I have dropped 3 putts for 9 in my first 2 weeks. If you want it back you'll need to pry it from my cold dead hands.

Dale B.04.13.2021

Gift for my son

I gave this to my son who played college golf and still plays at a near-scratch level. He says his putting has never been better mainly due to the Perfect Putting system. The auto-return is really cool.

Eugene L.02.10.2021

Really Helping Me

it seemed really basic when I unpacked it but as I kept using it I became more comfortable and WAY more consistent. I’ve only played 3 rounds since I got it but I definitely felt better over putts and made a bunch in the 4-8 foot range, which really help the score.


Very helpful

Bought one of these a couple of months ago and use it about 8 hrs/wk. It is great quality and it has helped a lot. Went from 34-35 putts/round to 30-32/round. It has helped my putting confidence greatly.


Perfect Practice

Using the Perfect Practice has absolutely been fun set up in my living room. I practice on it daily. It has dramatically helped me make more putts.

Glynn S.04.21.2021

Confidence Is Key

7 handicap. Shaved minimum 3 strikes off due to confidence over anything under 8 feet! I practice 2-8 footers 5 min each night and on the course I feel so much more confident

Charlton L.03.12.2021

Enjoying the Time

Excellent quality and feedback. Would highly recommend to all level golfers who really want to become better players.


Perfect Putting Mat

Quality better than expected since all putting mats I’ve seen or used have been severely lacking in quality, so I didn’t know what to expect. Completely satisfied with it from A to Z. Highly recommend this practice tool only to those who want to improve their putting.

Joe N.03.25.2020

Four to eighty Six

So Fun to watch my father & his Great Granddaughter have putting contests.

Marcia L.03.25.2020

Great Putting Mat

The mat is a convenient size and the slope is nice to teach a better sense of touch and tempo. The lines have helped with stroke accuracy. We like the look of it and so we keep it out in our golf room. It was a great purchase!

Jack P.03.25.2020

how to use it

Two Time Major Champion Dustin Johnson and more than 100 other tour pros use it daily at home to lower their scores. Here's their recipe for success.

Make Practice Easy

Roll out the Perfect Putting Mat and put it in a place you walk by every day. Keep your putter and a few balls nearby so there's no excuses! You don't need to spend a lot of time. Putt for a few minutes every day or a few times per week and you'll feel the difference in your stroke and confidence immediately.

Sharpen Your Stroke

Once you start draining putts on the larger hole, switch to the smaller hole to get your stroke even sharper. You won’t believe how big the holes on the course will feel. And we definitely want you to compete against your friends and family. It’s not only fun; it simulates what it’s like to play on the course.

Don't Short Yourself

If you can make an 8-footer, you can make a 3-footer. For that reason, our tour players and coaches recommend that golfers practice longer putts to improve their results. We also like the game where you start at 3 feet and move back 1 foot with every putt, returning to 3 feet if you miss. It’s a great way to simulate on-course pressure and see the ball going in the hole a ton.

Add More Training Aids To Speed Up Your Improvement

The Perfect Putting Mat works even better when you combine it with our other training aids: specifically the TPM, the Perfect Putting Gates, and the Laser Putting Glasses or Putting Alignment Mirror. Using our training aids together will help you start making more putts even faster.

Lightweight, portable design

Sometimes we want to practice outside or somewhere else. The Perfect Putting Mat is lightweight and breaks down quickly so you can lower your scores from anywhere.

Putting Mat comparison

Product Length Holes Used by Dustin Johnson Price
Standard Edition 9 ft 6 in 2 $189.99 $169.99
XL Edition 15 ft 6 in 2 $229.99 $199.99
Compact Edition 8 ft 1 $159.99 $139.99

Testimonials From The Pros

  • "Anyone who is serious about improving their putting needs the Perfect Putting mat. It’s done wonders for my confidence and become part of my daily practice."

    Dustin Johnson, Major Champion

  • "You make this putt, you can make any putt! (on the Perfect Practice Mat) All day, I'm buying!"

    Matt Wolff, PGA Tour Champion

  • "The Perfect Putting Mat is the first thing you should buy if you want to make more putts."

    Sir Nick Faldo, 6-Time Major Champion

  • "I love the Perfect Practice putting mat, great for rainy day practice."

    Lydia Ko, LPGA Tour Champion

  • "It's much better than other mats I have used over the years. Great Quality. Thanks again!"

    Vijay Singh, PGA Tour Legend

  • "Thanks Guys!!! Been using it non-stop. Love it!!!"

    Jimmy Walker, Major Champion

  • "Feeling good!!! Thank you Perfect Practice, Go get yours!!"

    Joaquin Niemann, PGA Tour Champion

  • "Thank you! Awesome putting mat!"

    Nelly Korda, LPGA Tour Champion

  • "It’s working great and looking forward to having some fun with it the next few weeks before getting back out there!"

    Talor Gooch, PGA Tour Pro

  • “The Perfect Putting Mat is my favorite putting mat to use. You can roll it out anywhere so you can practice more and practice better.”

    Matt Killen, GOLF TOP-100 Instruction, PGA Tour Putting Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from Perfect Practice Putting Mats?

Everyone! Our premium putting mats help every golfer practice more and practice better. For Tour Pros like Dustin Johnson, making one extra putt per tournament can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

For everyone else, who can put a price on taking a $20 Nassau off your buddies? Our putting mats will help you leave the course with a smile (or maybe even a trophy).

Where should I use my Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

Indoors or outdoors… anywhere you have a flat surface such as your living room, office, gym, basement, kitchen, or pro shop. Please make sure your mat is pulled tight to ensure a smooth transition up the ramp. And if you’re using it outside, bring it indoors when you’re finished.

If you mat happens to get dirty, simply vacuum it as you would any carpet.

Why the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

After a few minutes of using our mat, you will gain confidence in your ability to hit your putts where you are aimed. That translates to a lot more made putts on the course and a huge boost in confidence over the ball.

What is the speed of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

We spent a lot of time perfecting our Crystal Velvet material with Tru-Roll Technology, which will roll out at 10-14 on the stimp meter depending what is under the mat. Hard floors roll closer to 14 whereas thick carpets tend to roll closer to 10.

How much do your mats weigh?

Our Perfect Practice™ Putting Mat (Standard Edition) weighs 7.5 pounds and can be discreetly stored anywhere.

How long are the putting mats?

The Perfect Putting Mat (standard edition) extends 9.5 feet with printed markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet. We also have a shorter mat (Compact Edition -- 8 feet) and a longer mat (XL Edition -- 15.5 feet).

Can lefties use your putting mats?

Yes, both mats work great for righties and lefties. We also have a mat made specifically for lefties (Standard Edition only).

My tracking info states mu order was delivered, but I haven't received my product(s). What should I do?

We trust and value our carriers, but issues with deliveries can occur every now and then. We recommend checking at all entrances or with neighbors to see if your order was accidentally delivered to the incorrect address. 

You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they in fact did deliver the package. 

UPS: 1-888-742-5877

USPS: 1-800-275-877


Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Colin Fletcher
Poor quality

It curls at the side and bottom,very poor!

Hi, Colin! That happens sometimes, but it's easily solved. Kindly check your email inbox, we've just sent you a message to help you with that!

David B
Perfect putting mat. Standard size

Pleased with purchase. Simple to set up and use.

We're really pleased to hear you like it, David! Thank you for your support!

Gary Shepherd
Great product

This really helps, buy one

Exactly! Enjoy your mat, Gary!

Christopher M Batt
Non Delivery

I am sure it is a good mat but having been told the order has been “fulfilled” 10 days ago, and despite chasing, still not received.

Hi, Christopher. We've just sent you a response to your last message in order to figure out what happened to your parcel and find the best way to resolve this quickly. Kindly check your inbox.

Kim Barr
Perfect putt

Gift for my husband. He’s delighted with the quality.

We work hard to offer our customers good quality products and we're glad to know that your husband is happy with the gift! Thanks for choosing Perfect Practice!