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Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition

Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition

Thanks a lot for that, John! We hope you have fun practicing!

sorry its a gift and not opened as yet.

Thanks for choosing Perfect Practice for the golfer in your life! We're sure it will be much appreciated.

Don’t pay full price

Initially very pleased. But quickly felt cheated as one week after my purchase they are selling this product t half price!!
Good quality product but the ball does not always return fully.

Dear Satish, welcome to Perfect Practice! We're sorry for that, but as we have short time promotions or specific campaigns. sometimes that happens. We hope you enjoy your products and have a great time practicing! Please, check your e-mail box!

Great putting training equipment

Absolutely fantastic piece of kit. It has definitely given me more confidence in my putting and even after 3 weeks of practice I have noticed a big improvement on the course. I was a big 3 putter player but now have knocked in a number of first putts. I highly recommend this purchase. Was incredibly surprised of the quality of the mat and the wood work. Very easy to set up. Please buy, you won’t regret.

Dear Ross, we're so happy to see that you're increasingly improving our game! We work hard to offer you quality and convenience and we're glad you like it. Thanks for your feedback and support!

American charger

Clever bit of kit - tried it with the putter but not chipping
One moan - it is sent with an American plug so I have to use an adaptor!
Any chance you have UK chargers?

Dear Bill, thanks for your review! We don't have UK chargers for the moment, since we are an American Company. However, we took notes on your feedback. Thanks for joining Perfect Practice!

Great putting practice

Bought for Father’s Day by my family. Packaged up securely, delivered quicker than expected and product as advertised. Mat is good quality and ball rolls lovely (on top of carpet), ball rolls back down wood track. Using everyday and already seen some improvement on the golf course after one week!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, James! We are very happy to know you're having fun and improving your game. Welcome to Perfect Practice!


Not sure if eyes are directly over the ball but great for keeping eye centered on the ball during the stroke and great to train your eye line to look directly down the line to the hole while using the mat while training.

Dear Steve, thanks a lot for your feedback!
We're happy to see it is already improving your game! Welcome to Perfect Practice!

They work

Okay, so they look goofy on my head. But the laser definitely shows you where your eyes are pointing and how much your head moves. I was surprised as to both. I was able to immediately improve my putting as a result.

Hahaha, thanks for your feedback, Jeffrey! We're happy to see you improve your game already!

It’s great

Great way to improve your putting in the comforts of your house. Recommended for beginners and more experienced golfers alike

Dear Cara, thanks for your feedback! We're very pleased to see one more customer satisfied. Welcome to PERFECT PRACTICE.

Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition

Thanks for your support! Enjoy your Perfect Practice goods!


Excellent … addictive … quality !

You're very kind, Ian. Thanks a lot for your support and we're happy to see you enjoy it so much! Best wishes from our team!


Noticing improvements after half a dozen practice sessions
Highly recommended

A great way to work on your golf game at home! Thanks a lot for your trust and feedback, this is so important to us. Enjoy your putting mat!

Great product, delivery a little slow but great customer service

Very happy with my purchase. You do need a pretty level floor to make this effective but it’s certainly a great putting aid. Delivery was around a month but with Brexit and coronavirus that’s understandable. The communication from customer service was great and I was even given a 20% reimbursement due to the extended delivery time which was a nice touch.

We apologise for the delay you experienced, but we're glad to announce it has already been solved. We're also happy we were able to compensate for that, we work hard to provide you the best products as well as the best customer experience! Thanks a lot for your comment and for joining Perfect Practice!

Pretty Useful

Great job on a hard level floor. Couldn't get it level on carpet. Only issue for me is it's a lot faster than my local greens so I loose the pace. That's not the fault of the matt though.

Thanks for your feedback, Liam! Please try using an iron to smooth it out on the cotton setting. Steam works well too. You can lay a thin cloth over the mat for a little added protection. If the end of the mat is curling up we suggest rolling the mat underneath in the opposite direction for a few days to flatten it. We hope that helps.

Not recieved

Keep getting spammy messages about my new putting matt. Which I haven't received. Please sort it out. Very weak comms from support.

Dear James, we sincerely apologise for the delay you experienced. We did have issues with one of our containers some time ago, but it was already solved and orders are arriving normally now. The messages we sent were not spams, we sent them to every customer whose order was affected, to keep things clear and transparent and to let them know that this is not how things usually work in our company.
I can see that your order was succesfully delivered and I hope everything is fine and to your liking. If you need anything, you can always drop a message to from Monday to Friday, and we'll answer you in up to 24h and look for the best way to help you.

Thomas A Mervak
Improved putting in one session and several days practice.

These glasses are well worth the cost. I have spent years tinkering with my stroke to cure a frequent slight pull due to closing the club face, and a lot of missed putts. Helped with eye alignment first, and that forced me to adjust my stance. Once there, I instantly discovered that I was moving my head, consistently. Took a lot of will power, but then sank 10 straight in the small hole, 2 to 8 feet!

Thank you so much for your feedback. We're glad to see how the glasses helped you adjust your stance and congratulations on your 10 straight in the small hole! Welcome to Perfect Practice!

It shows you how bad you move your head

Really helpful for 3 to 8 foot par saves

We're glad to know that the glasses were helpful and that you have already improved your game! Thanks a lot for your trust!

As Described

Great Glasses, Great Service

Thank you so much for your feedback and support! We appreciate it!

Perfect Putting Gates
Mrs Leslie Thomson

I gave the gates as a present so haven’t heard what they think, but your service is excellent, thank you.

We hope that whoever received it enjoys it and practices a lot! Thanks for choosing Perfect Practice!

Great practice aid

Easy to use and addictive! The smaller cup is a great addition as it forces you to focus on accuracy. Well worth looking at for anyone that wants to improve their putting

We really appreciate your feedback and that it's helped you with your putting already! Thanks for joining us!


Very pleased with this putting mat its easy to use and great fun and good value for money.

We're very pleased to know how much you like it, Tina! Thanks a lot for your trust and support!


I'd read reviews about the matt and how it takes months to arrive, but I took a punt on this anyway as it looked a great product. The order took less than a week to arrive from placing so there's definitely no delivery issues.
The Mat is easy to setup and tidy away, rolls really well and with the ball return you can putt as long as you want without having to fetch your balls. The guide lines are really helpful to correct the putting stroke and get you sending the ball in the right direction. At 3.25" and 2.5" the holes are smaller than a regulation 4" hole which makes you more accurate. Anything lipping out on here would most likely make it to the bottom of the cup on the course.
A brilliant putting trainer and well worth the investment.

Thank you for that, Mike! We have a warehouse in the UK now, so orders are arriving even faster! Our mats' hole size is really designed to help you with accuracy, we're glad to hear that! Have fun while practicing!

Nice product but does not work as well as in the adds

The matt took a long time to get flat and work properly and when you pack it away you have the same issue to get it to work, also the ball return only works 30% of the time which is a pain

Dear Paul,

We are sorry the mat is not laying properly flat. Please try using an iron to smooth it out on the cotton setting. Steam works well too. You can lay a thin cloth over the mat for a little added protection. If the end of the mat is curling up we suggest rolling the mat underneath in the opposite direction for a few days to flatten it from the folding. We hope that helps.

A genuine improver

Putting has always been the best part of my golf - so why buy one of these??
Well — I did and my putting has improved a further couple of notches.
Definitely worth buying

Thank you for that, Robert! Even the best golfer can get even better. Enjoy it!