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I gave the gates as a present so haven’t heard what they think, but your service is excellent, thank you.

Great practice aid

Easy to use and addictive! The smaller cup is a great addition as it forces you to focus on accuracy. Well worth looking at for anyone that wants to improve their putting


Very pleased with this putting mat its easy to use and great fun and good value for money.


I'd read reviews about the matt and how it takes months to arrive, but I took a punt on this anyway as it looked a great product. The order took less than a week to arrive from placing so there's definitely no delivery issues.
The Mat is easy to setup and tidy away, rolls really well and with the ball return you can putt as long as you want without having to fetch your balls. The guide lines are really helpful to correct the putting stroke and get you sending the ball in the right direction. At 3.25" and 2.5" the holes are smaller than a regulation 4" hole which makes you more accurate. Anything lipping out on here would most likely make it to the bottom of the cup on the course.
A brilliant putting trainer and well worth the investment.

Nice product but does not work as well as in the adds

The matt took a long time to get flat and work properly and when you pack it away you have the same issue to get it to work, also the ball return only works 30% of the time which is a pain

A genuine improver

Putting has always been the best part of my golf - so why buy one of these??
Well — I did and my putting has improved a further couple of notches.
Definitely worth buying

Product is okay, service was very poor

Hello, Alan thank you for your feedback. We apologies for any problem that you had with our customer service. We certainly will investigate where we fault with our assistance and work to do the best.


Hello Patricia, your feedback is very important to us. Please, you can contact us on our channels like email, facebook or instagram.We will definitely help you and solve the problem with your perfect practice.

Really good product

Service and product

The website offers a discount once you order the product. Once accepted it orders two of the same item and charges accordingly. Trying to put his right did not work but emails bouncing back and forth with the company still ongoing to arrange to return item and obtain a refund.

Hello Costas.

Thank you for sharing your expirience with us. Sorry for this confusion about your order, however, our website offers £70.02 less than the original price and after you put it in your cart, appears other promotions that you can accept or refuse, some customers accept without intention, so I think it is your case. Although you don't need to worry, our team has already working to refund your money.

Birthday present

This is a surprise birthday present for my husband - 2 May - so not opened it up yet. Delivery was very quick. Thanks

Putting mat

Absolutely brilliant

Great Putting Aid

Received this putting training aid and its great. Easy to setup and use. Makes practice easy to repeat. Doing putting exercises allows you to see how and where you need to improve.
And with being in lockdown keeps the thrust for golf going.

Good gift

Happy with my purchase however the board at the back could have a rubber section to reduce noise when the ball hits the back. Ball on wood makes a horrible noise. This generally happens when youngsters use the mat rather than adults but as my boys are still learning it happens a lot.

Terrible Customer Service

Buyers beware, Perfect Practice US customer service is non existent and they do not resolve issues Tried emailing multiple times with no response.

Hi N. Smith.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any problem with our customer service. We work day by day to improve it. Is important to share this opinion with us then we can work on this to make better assistance for our customers.


That's all i've got to say about this mat!

Great Indoor Practice Aid

This perfect putting mat is getting me through the winter and providing a great option for keeping my game in shape. I have had it for over a month and use 1-2 times daily. I am really looking forward to getting out on the course for the real thing but until then I will keep putting on the Perfect Putting Mat.

Best putting mat

Thanks for this tremendous training tool. The whole family enjoys it and I'm shaving off strokes this winter.


Great product for some inside putting practice.

Perfect Practice

Just started using it and it works very well. It's well made and I'm sure that it will improve my putting. Great for practicing indoors


I couldn't be happier with the purchase. A necessity for any golfer.

Great purchase!

I'm really happy with my purchase! The mat is a very good mat and I enjoy my putting practice now. I feel like my practice is going to pay off on the course! Thank you!